German Rail Pass Extension SALE

Sale Conditions:

Sale Ends: 5th June 2013
Valid for Travel: 01 May - 31 August 2013

  • An incredible discount of up to 80% OFF the German Rail Pass extension.
  • Children between 6 and 11 inclusive pay 50% of the adult price
  • Holders of a Twin Pass must purchase two extension passes, one for each traveller
  • Same Class of Service for the German Rail Pass Extension and German Rail Pass
  • Non-exchangeable / Non-refundable

The German Rail Pass Extension is the perfect compliment to the existing German Rail Pass for those wanting to travel beyond Germany. Together with a German Rail Pass, it allows travel to:

  • To/from Brussels (Belgium) on ICE International trains
  • To/from Prague (Czech Republic) on DB Expressbus from/to Munich and Nuremberg (2nd Class only)
  • To/from Innsbruck and Kufstein (Austria) on DB-ÖBB Eurocity trains
  • To/from Venice, Verona, Bologna, Bolzano/Bozen (Italy) on DB-ÖBB Eurocity trains.

ADDITIONAL BENEFIT: 25% discount with City Sightseeing

  • Holders of a promotional German Rail Pass Extension benefit from a 25% discount on the sightseeing trip as follows:
  • Discount available for their visits in Brussels, Prague or Verona
  • Tour must be pre-booked on line, and will not be available directly from the bus driver
  • Promotional code to entre: DB25

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