E-Ticket and E-Voucher Guides

E-Ticket and E-Voucher Guides

No more paper tickets on the below trains & passes.

Note: Not all routes and/or fares offer E-Tickets or E-Vouchers. Please note that at the time of making your booking you will be advised what type of ticket will be supplied. If the website does not offer you E-Tickets or E-Vouchers it is due to fare rules and train regulations. Your paper ticket will be sent to you via Post or courier.


EurostarTGV Paris - Luxembourg
ThalysTGV Paris - Germany
TGV France-SpainTGV Lyria
TGV Geneva-MedTGV Brussels-France
French Journeys/TGVRenfe (Spanish trains)
Italy- NTV ItaloRenfe Spain Pass
Swiss Travel Pass (not available for the 'Flex' option)Italy Domestic Trains
Germany (DB Bahn)Amtrak

E-Tickets: you will receive an email from our documentation team which will contain the link to Print Your Ticket(s)


E-Vouchers consist of a reference code of between 6 to 8 alpha or numeric digits which you type into a machine at your departure station and then the machine prints your ticket/s. Note this can be done prior to the actual date of travel.

  • British Trains (ATOC)
  • French Journey Trains (Select Services)
  • Eurostar (Select Services)

For travel on Britrail & Germany (DB) you will be required to print off your tickets at the station prior to your departure.

E-Voucher Guides: Please click on the below to find out how to use your PNR

Please note that not all trains are E-tickets or E-Vouchers. You will be notified during your booking process as to what type of ticket you will receive.