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Canada - Where the wild things are

Saturday, 30 April 2011

Throw yourself into an unforgettable Canadian adventure. From polar bears to beluga whales, Canada is a sanctuary for some of nature's greatest masterpieces. Whether you're making friends with a grizzly, diving deep into an underwater paradise or hiking through giant cedars, Canada is the ultimate outdoor adventure playground.

Oh, what a Knight!

As you stroll through a forest of hemlocks and giant cedars, stepping over 30 centimetre-long slugs crawling along the velvet moss, it hits you. Knight Inlet is one of those rare places where wildlife is not something you go looking for. It is literally everywhere you turn. See black bears from your window at the Knight Inlet Lodge, photograph seals from your canoe and raise your eyes skyward to behold the majestic eagles.
Keep your eyes peeled for tiny grizzly cubs clinging to their ever-cautious mothers. Set out in boats or use the tree stands for an unobstructed view of the bears feeding on salmon. Want more? Take part in a guided kayaking tour or jump on a jet boat and fly up the Klinaklini River for a day trip to the Thompson and Bond sounds - the ultimate photo opportunity!
This is an adventurer's paradise. As the longest fjord on the B.C. coast, Knight Inlet is set against a backdrop of dramatic mountain peaks plunging into the Pacific Ocean. Perched at the southern end of the Great Bear Rainforest, Knight Inlet's frequent storms has given birth to giant trees, gleaming lakes, streams and cascading rivers. The floating lodge is tucked into the protected Glendale Cove, complete with cedar paneling and wood-burning stoves.

Seeking a rare encounter?

Maybe once or twice in a lifetime, we have an experience where time seems to freeze. The ultimate adventure creates emotion beyond excitement - it generates awe. Making the acquaintance of a family of grizzlies in the Great Bear Rainforest in British Columbia is one such unforgettable moment. As the weather warms up, these incredible creatures arrive to fill their bellies at the salmon spawning streams and among the succulents and grasses of the river estuary. Great Bear Nature Tours is rated by National Geographic Adventure as one of the Best Adventure Travel Companies on Earth. With just ten guests per tour, a personal wilderness adventure awaits. Feel the thrill of being up close with these majestic beasts, indulge in a gourmet meal at the Great Bear Lodge and soak up the silence of this untouched ecosystem.
The Great Bear Lodge is the ultimate base for photography and wildlife viewing tours, nestled at the mouth of a pristine salmon river. Jump on a sea-kayak, enjoy a hike and then kick back with a glass of wine, feast on fresh produce and soak up the spectacular scenery surrounding the lodge. It doesn't get better than this.
DID YOU KNOW? The ongoing sources of high quality food in the Great Bear Rainforest explain why coastal grizzlies are larger than inland grizzlies.

Churchill Adventures

Glimpse the telltale shape of a whale's tail before it falls beneath the water; grab a snorkel and explore an underwater paradise; spend a day hiking the trails and catch sight of caribou, arctic fox and wolves. A Frontiers North adventure in Churchill, Manitoba, is the stuff of dreams.
Did you know that during the summer, Churchill plays host to the world's largest congregation of beluga whales? After the ice breaks in spring, over 3000 beluga whales cruise through the Churchill River, putting on a display like no other. But they're not the only ones. Jump on a Tundra Buggy and have the camera poised for action. Bird lovers will not be disappointed. Capture snowy owls and ptarmigan taking flight.

During winter... Each winter, the world famous mobile Tundra Buggy Lodge is transported to the ultimate location for 'round the clock' bear viewing. Rise from your slumber and watch the polar bears emerging from their own snow blankets. Watch them interact in their wintry playground beneath the infamous Aurora Borealis (northern lights).

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