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There are very few destinations in the world where the national public transport network is an attraction in its own right. Japan is one such destination, famous for its futuristic bullet trains and to-the-minute timetabling. The country's public transport system is a work of civil engineering genius, with a network that is fast, efficient, and a genuine pleasure to travel on. There is a train, bus, or ferry service to every prefecture, city, and town in Japan, so whether you are planning a whirlwind tour of the country's cultural capitals or are planning to seek out some of its lesser known wonders off the tourist trail, there is a public transport pass that can get you there.

Rail passes

Japan Rail Pass

Unlimited travel on Japan railways, affiliated buses and ferries.



JR East Pass - Tohoku Area

The JR East Tohoku area has many natural attractions and historical World Heritage Sites.



JR Kyushu Rail Pass

Rail travel on the island of Kyushu.



JR Kansai Area Pass

The Japan Rail Kansai Area Pass is the cheapest and most convenient way to explore the Kansai area, including including Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe, Nara and Himeji.



JR All Shikoku Rail Pass

Travel freely in Shikoku by train



JR East Pass - Nagano, Niigata Area

Greater Tokyo, Nagano & Niigata prefectures & Shonai Region of Yamagata Prefecture



JR Hokkaido Pass

Rail travel on the Island of Hokkaido.



JR Northern Kyushu Pass

This Pass covers rail in the Northern part of the Island of Kyushu



JR Kansai Wide Area Pass

For travel in the Kansai Area: Shiga,Tsuruga, the Nankai Area, the Okayama Area and Kinosaki-Onsen.



Other Products

Suica Card Japan (Metro Card)

The Suica Card is the easiest way to travel on some of Japans major cities public transport systems.



Japan Airport Coach Transfers

Transfers between Tokyo's Narita Airport to central Tokyo hotels