Trans-Siberian by Private Train “The Tsar’s Gold” : Details

The Tsar's Gold - Inclusions

The below list is for the full journey, Beijing - Moscow or vice versa. Not all inclusions apply to the shorter journey, Ulaan Baatar - Moscow.

  • All train and hotel accommodation, excursions, transfers and meals as per itinerary
  • Train ride on the otherwise closed route of the Trans-Siberian Railroad along Lake Baikal with 2 extensive photo stops
  • 40 hours at Lake Baikal
  • Obtain profound insights into Russian, Mongolian and Chinese culture in just one epic journey
  • Dine in our lovingly designed restaurant wagons and enjoy finest local cuisine and drinks served by courteous waiters
  • Sophisticated on-board programmes: Entertaining lectures on local culture, history and everyday life
  • (Bolshoi & Bolshoi Platinum guests only): Water, coffee, tea, juice, soft drinks, wine, beer, liquor (premium drinks excluded.
  • More than 20 excursions and tours included as well as all entrance fees
  • Professional threefold tour guide-system: Knowledgeable and dedicated tour director, a competent group guide (max. 26 guests per group guide) as well as local guides, all equipped with expert knowledge of the region
  • Individual special requests possible: Access to forbidden zones and extra opening hours
  • Alternating overnights in your train compartment and in first class and standard hotels
  • Luggage service at all train stations
  • Doctor on board (from Moscow to the Chinese border)
  • Showers on board
  • Caviar and vodka tasting on board the train
  • Detailed travel documents, travel guides and personal log book
  • Extensive trip on the ancient rail lines of the Trans-Siberian Railway directly on the banks of Lake Baikal with photo stop

Complimentary airport transfers

Any transfers outside of the days below are an additional cost

Transsiberian eastbound from MOW to BEJ
MOW : flights arriving between 10 a.m. and 4.00 p.m. (day 1)
PEK : flights departing between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. (day 16)
Transsiberian westbound from BEJ to MOW
PEK : flights arriving between 8 a.m. and 11 a.m. (day 1)
MOW : flights departing between 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. (day 15)

Not Included:

  • International Flights, tips, beverages, Visa fees, services not mentioned

Onboard the Tsar's Gold


Cat I. - Standard

Standard compartments offer space for four passengers. On both sides there are upper and lower berths measuring ca. 26.7 × 73.6 in. (68 × 187 cm), with a table in the middle below the window. Each car has nine compartments, with combined washing and toilet facilities at both ends. For a surcharge, an occupation with only 3 guests is available.

Cat. II - Standard Classic

In the Standard Plus cabin, there are 8 compartments per car. A compartment is shared by two guests. Berths are sized app. 70 x 190 cm and arranged facing each other. There is also a table under the window. Combined toilet/lavatory compartments are located at each end of the carriage cars. In every second to third car there is a shower compartment.

Cat. II - Standard Superior

This newly refurbished category now features interior design in a nostalgic look. The compartments have two lower beds, one on each side, measuring ca. 26.7 × 72.8 in. (68 cm x 185 cm). The nine compartments per wagon share two combined washing and toilet facilities located at its ends. Depending on the train configuration, a shower facility is shared by guests from one to three sleeping cars.

Cat. II - Standard Superior Plus

***Available for group bookings only. Please contact us for more details**. In the Standard Superior Plus class, there are 8 newly refurbished compartments per car. A compartment is shared by two guests. Berths are sized app. 2.3 x 6.2 ft (70 × 190 cm) and arranged facing each other. There is also a table under the window. Combined toilet/lavatory compartments are located at each end of this category's cars. 8 compartments share one refurbished shower room.

Cat. III - Nostalgic Comfort

This category offers the opportunity to truly travel in the style of the red tsars, in a nostalgic ambience that would even make past Soviet leaders feel at home—but with the 21st century’s modern amenities. Each of these rolling hotel rooms offers not only two comfortable beds measuring ca. 31.5 × 72.8 in. (80 × 185 cm), placed one above the other, but also an armchair to enjoy the passing landscape in comfort. Two neighbouring compartments share a semi-private lavatory with washing basin and simple shower located between them. Combined washing and toilet facilities are located at both ends of the cars.

Cat. IV - Bolshoi

This category offers 60 sq ft (5.57 m²) of space. It has two beds, with the upper measuring 31.5 × 68.5 in. (80 × 174 cm) and the lower measuring 43.3 × 72.4 in. (110 × 184 cm). This compartment also offers comfortable seating, a table and a small wardrobe. The Bolshoi category has its own lavatory equipped with toilet, washing basin, and integrated shower with shower curtain. This category has only six compartments per car.

Cat. V - Bolshoi Platinum

The Bolshoi Platinum compartment provides almost 77 sq ft (7.15 m²) of space, even more than the Bolshoi compart-ment. The lower bed measures ca. 47.2 × 72.4 in. (120 × 184 cm), the upper meas-ures ca. 32.3 × 68.5 in. (82 × 174 cm). Each compartment has a spacious wardrobe and its own lavatory outfitted with a sepa-rate shower cabin. This category, offering the highest level of comfort available on the Trans-Siberian Railway, contains only five compartments per car for a maximum of just 10 guests.