El Transcantabrico (Spain) : FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the El Transcantabrico run?
The El Transcantabrico operates between April and October each year. Please refer to the schedule for the exact dates.

Are there showers on board the train?
Each compartment has a private bathroom including a shower and toilet.

Are meals included?
Seven dinner, lunches and breakfasts are included as part of the package.

Is there a medic on board the train?
The train carries a first aid kit and El Transcantabrico has contacts with various health centres along the route of the train.

Is there a laundry service?
There is a daily laundry service; please consult the crew onboard.

Can El Transcantabrico cater for special dietary requirements?
Passengers who have special dietary requirements can request this when making their reservations.

Are there luggage restrictions?
There are no luggage restrictions, but the luggage storage area under the beds is quite restricted.