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The World Cup of Great Train Journeys Specials

The World Cup of Great Train Journeys

It's World Cup time and we are doing it our own way - every day during the football championship we will put two Great Train Journeys head to head with the winner making it to the next round - all the way to the finals. Make sure you cast your daily vote on Facebook.

Match schedule

Match Round Date Team 1 Team 2 Voting
1 Round of 32 15/06/2018 The Ghan Coast Starlight Results
2 Round of 32 16/06/2018 TranzAlpine Vistadome Results
3 Round of 32 17/06/2018 Eastern & Oriental Express The Overland Results
4 Round of 32 18/06/2018 Rovos Rail El Transcantabrico Results
5 Round of 32 19/06/2018 Coastal Pacific The Blue Train Results
6 Round of 32 20/06/2018 Rocky Mountaineer Caspian Odyssey Results
7 Round of 32 21/06/2018 Belmond Grand Hibernian The Silk Road Results
8 Round of 32 22/06/2018 Denali Star Golden Eagle Danube Express Results
9 Round of 32 23/06/2018 The Canadian Belmond British Pullman Results
10 Round of 32 24/06/2018 Venice Simplon-Orient-Express Sicilian Odyssey Results
11 Round of 32 25/06/2018 Belmond Royal Scotsman Indian Pacific Results
12 Round of 32 26/06/2018 Persian Odyssey Belmond Andean Explorer Results
13 Round of 32 27/06/2018 Northern Explorer Al Andalus Results
14 Round of 32 28/06/2018 Belmond Hiram Bingham Maharajas' Express Results
15 Round of 32 29/06/2018 Trans-Siberian onboard The Golden Eagle Grand Train Tour of Switzerland Results
16 Round of 32 30/06/2018 Deccan Odyssey El Expreso de La Robla Results
17 Round of 16 1/07/2018 The Ghan TranzAlpine Results
18 Round of 16 2/07/2018 Eastern & Oriental Express Rovos Rail Results
19 Round of 16 3/07/2018 The Blue Train Rocky Mountaineer Results
20 Round of 16 4/07/2018 The Silk Road Golden Eagle Danube Express Results
21 Round of 16 5/07/2018 The Canadian Venice Simplon-Orient-Express Results
22 Round of 16 6/07/2018 Indian Pacific Persian Odyssey Results
23 Round of 16 7/07/2018 Al Andalus Maharajas' Express Results
24 Round of 16 8/07/2018 Trans-Siberian onboard The Golden Eagle Deccan Odyssey Results
25 Quarter-finals 9/07/2018 The Ghan Rovos Rail Results
26 Quarter-finals 10/07/2018 Rocky Mountaineer The Silk Road Results
27 Quarter-finals 11/07/2018 Venice Simplon-Orient-Express Persian Odyssey Results
28 Quarter-finals 12/07/2018 Maharajas' Express Trans-Siberian onboard The Golden Eagle Results
29 Semi-finals 13/07/2018 The Ghan Rocky Mountaineer Results
30 Semi-finals 14/07/2018 Venice Simplon-Orient-Express Trans-Siberian onboard The Golden Eagle Results
31 Finals 16/07/2018 Rocky Mountaineer Trans-Siberian onboard The Golden Eagle Vote


You'll know from the very moment you climb aboard the Alaska Railroad you're riding on the best train in the world.

2018 Season

The charm and scenic appeal of this great and vast land is amplified through panoramic windows and underscored by historical narratives from knowledgeable Alaskan conductors and tour guides. You become part of a moving picture show, traversing mountain passes, ancient glacial river valleys, and ever changing stretches of colour-drenched landscape.



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