TGV France - Italy : Onboard

Onboard TGV France - Italy

First Class

  • Extra legroom, larger and reclining seats
  • A Solo seat for peace and privacy.
  • 2 adjoining seats or a Club space for working in groups of two or four.
  • Electrical power sockets at each seat
  • Dinner service served at seat in 1st class (the cost of the dinner remains at travellers' expenses).

Second Class

  • 2 adjoining seats or a ''Carré'' space for travelling in groups of four.
  • Access to the bar-buffet car

Other services

  • Bar buffet-car (coach 4): bar and food counter where travellers can enjoy dishes, sandwiches, dessert, warm and cold beverages.
  • Trolley bar service: A trolley bar service is available in both 2nd and 1st class. Choice of hot and cold beverages, sandwiches and cakes and candy.
  • Subway tickets for Paris, Lyon, Milan and Turin can be purchased at the bar-buffet.
  • Family services: a Family area is located in 2nd class. This area offers 4 seats facing one another and is separated from the rest of the carriage by a glass partition. The folding seats and table (with a games board) allow customers to free up space for storing a pushchair. A nursery with changing table is located near the Family area.
  • Disabled provisions: all TGV France - Italy trains have a space in 1st class located in car 1 for both disabled travellers and their companions (3 seats reserved for wheelchair travellers and 3 seats reserved for their companions). Manual and electric wheelchairs can be taken on board. Disabled toilets are located near wheelchair space. You must request this when making your reservation
  • Information messages recorded in French, Italian and English