EuroNight Lisinski : Overview

EuroNight Lisinski

The train ride between Zagreb to Munich also known as "Lisinski" offers an inexpensive and peaceful way of travelling between the stunning European countries of Germany and Croatia.

Station Departure Time Arrival time
Munich hbf - 23h40
Salzburg hbf 1h18 1h34
Schwarzach-St.Veit 2h23 2h26
Spittal-Millstaettersee 3h26 3h27
Villach hbf 3h51 4h15
Jesenice 4h50 5h09
Lesce Bled 5hr21 5h22
Ljubljana 6h03 6h20
Zidani Most 7h13 7h15
Dobova 7h54 8h10
Zagreb Glavni Kol 8h40 -


  • Munich - Zagreb night trains can be reserved 90 days prior to the train departure date
  • Reservations are compulsory
  • Child age is 6-14 years inclusive
  • Youth age is 15-25 years inclusive
  • Senior fares available
  • There are no passholder fares