Alleo : Overview


Alleo services are TGV and ICE trains that link 25 destinations in France and Germany to Paris in less than 3 hours, of which 16 are in less than 2 hours!

Travel Details

Routing Travel Times
Paris <> Karlsruhe 2h32
Paris <> Stuttgart 3h40
Paris <> Munich 6h06
Paris <> Kaiserslautern 2h30
Paris <> Mannheim 3h10
Paris <> Frankfurt 3h38
Marseille <> Frankfurt 7h44
Lyon <> Frankfurt 5h54
Lyon <> Mannheim 5h14
Lyon <> Karlsruhe 4h42
Lyon <> Baden-Baden 4h18


  • Alleo trains can be reserved 180 days prior to the train departure date.
  • Reservations are compulsory. All single tickets purchased include a seat reservation in the price. Tickets need to be validated using the automatic stamping machines at the beginning of the platform prior to boarding the train.
  • Eurail Passholders are welcome. However a seat reservation fee is compulsory.