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Since the Viking raiders left to conquer other lands in one of the world's greatest mysteries, Denmark has evolved into a modern and prosperous nation. One of the world's most popular toys, the Lego originated from Denmark. Top if off with a rich, well preserved cultural heritage and their legendary sense of design and architecture, are what make Denmark one intriguing holiday destination.


Train Travel in Denmark

Over 2,600 km of tracks make up the railway network of Denmark. The national railway operator is the DSB (Danske Statsbaner), also known as the Danish State Railways in English. DSB is the most important railway company in Scandinavia. Denmark has train connections to neighbouring countries such as Sweden and Germany. Travellers can use the SJ’s X 2000 service to reach Stockholm. The trip to Germany can be made by using the EuroCity and ICE. IC3 and IR4 are popular trains in Denmark.






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