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Situated at the landlocked heart of Europe sharing borders with eight neighbouring states and boasting some of the most varied and vertiginous terrain in Europe, Austria is a land of striking contrasts.

Ruled by the Habsburg Empire, Austria has created a wealth of palaces, government buildings and parkways in the capital city of Vienna. Austria is known around the world for its classical taste of music, good food, beautiful scenery, art and architecture and of course the world-famous music composer Mozart. Austria offers an amazingly diverse range of attractions with a special mixture of tradition and innovation, which you encounter at every corner of the country.

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Train Travel in Austria

Austrian Railways ÖBB offers hourly services of modern InterCity and EuroCity trains on the main routes between Vienna and Linz, Salzburg, Graz and the district of Carinthia. Vienna is one of the main rail hubs in Central Europe. Train networks crisscross the country and in October of 2014 Vienna opened a HBF station as a main hub for the entire country.





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