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Explore Canada from one end to the other with a Canrailpass

If you want to go a long way on a limited budget, there's no better choice than the Canrailpass - System, which allows you to travel literally anywhere on the VIA network.

Choose from three 60-day Economy class formulas: enjoy a set number of one-way trips with the System Base or System Extra passes, or unlimited travel with the System Unlimited pass!

The choice is yours!



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Canrailpass - System Base

7 trips in 60 days $1,075
10 trips in 60 days $1,384

Canrailpass - System Extra

7 trips in 60 days $1,184
10 trips in 60 days $1,537

Canrailpass - System Unlimited

Unlimited trips in 60 days $1,998

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This product requires instant payment to be made at the completion of the shopping basket.


Non-Refundable and Non-Exchangable

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Prices will be subject to change on a weekly basis unless paid in full.

Prices are updated weekly due to the Exchange Rate and are guaranteed until Monday 5pm.

  • Discounted rates for Senior, Youth & Child available. Please contact us for rates.
    • Senior age: 60+ years old
    • Youth age: 12-25 years old
    • Child age: 2-11 years inclusive
    • Photo ID required with proof of age

Fare types

  • Adult


Canrailpass - System

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