The Ghan Expedition : Additional Ghan Services - Q&A

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Additional Ghan Services - Q&A

Due to high demand for The Ghan, with some services already sold out for 2019, a second service has been added to the timetable for June, July & August 2019.

What are the additional services and when do they depart?

For the 2019/20 season, bookings are currently open for these year-round Ghan journeys:

• Adelaide-Darwin departing Sundays
• Darwin-Adelaide departing Wednesdays (Between March and October, this is the four-day Ghan Expedition.)

We are pleased to introduce an additional Ghan service, which will operate throughout June, July and August 2019.

• Adelaide-Darwin departing Wednesdays
• Darwin-Adelaide (The Ghan Expedition) departing Saturdays

Will all excursions be the same on the second service?

The additional services include all the same destinations and stops as the year-round journeys, including Off Train Experiences.

We anticipate the vast majority of inclusive and upgraded excursions will be the same as the year-round journeys, with potentially some new options to explore!

What if I have a booking already, but want to change as new timetable suits my holiday plans better?

You may change your booking subject to availability. Standard rescheduling terms and conditions apply.

Will there be any new rail holiday packages available over this period, offering shorter stays in Alice Springs?

For northbound journeys departing Adelaide on Wednesdays, there are new holiday packages letting you break your journey in Alice Springs and explore more of the Territory.

What will be the first and last departure date of this second weekly service?

The second weekly service will operate throughout June, July and August 2019. The first departure will be 5 June and the final departure will be 31 August.

Will Platinum Service be available on all The Ghan / Ghan Expedition services twice weekly?

Yes. Platinum Service will be available to book on all Ghan and Ghan Expedition journeys.

Is it possible to split the southbound service?

No. All additional southbound services will be Ghan Expedition journeys, which are bookable only as full Darwin to Adelaide departures.

Will Motorail carriages be available?

Limited Motorail capacity will be introduced on the Sunday northbound departures and the Wednesday southbound departures during June, July and August only. No motorail capacity will be added to the Wednesday northbound departures and the Saturday southbound departures.

Will the fares be the same for the second weekly departure?


Will group space be available on these departures?

Yes – we are accepting requests for group allocations, which will be reviewed subject to availability.

Will Advance Purchase fares be available on the second service?

Yes, there will be Advance Purchase fares available on all second services subject to normal yield restrictions. We encourage you to book as early as possible to take advantage of these Advance Purchase offers.